Meet the Author

Gay N. Lewis, a Texas minister’s wife writes about angels and romance. Often called upon as an inspirational speaker, she uses humor with Biblical teaching.

With the exception of one year in Oklahoma, Gay N. Lewis and her pastor husband have served churches in Texas. Before becoming a full time author, her livelihood embraced interior design, photography, and communication. She’s written and produced videos for the retail market and for local churches. These videos include Psalms from the Mountains and The Canadian Rockies.
Prism Book Group signed her in 2012 to a contract for the first three books of the Sarah series. Additional contracts have followed. Sarah is a dyslexic angel who romantically links couples together, but she does it with a lot of whacky goof ups along the way. The Sarah series is a bit of I Love Lucy, I Dream of Jeanie, and Touched by an Angel rolled into one.

Gay Lewis says, “Parsonage life requires angels, and I’ve seen one or two. Without humor, life is too dull.”